License Model
We’ve adopted a License model (pioneered by ABCDinamo) in where a License is based on the number of employees/personnel* in the End User’s company. The logic behind the model is: the larger the brand or company, the greater the commercial value of their output with the fonts, and therefore the more expensive the License.

*Not meaning: the number of (desktop) users or cpu’s.

License Metric
The company size, measured in employees (not users), is the only metric you apply to license fonts through APK Type. The purchase of our Fonts makes you a licensed user of the Fonts, not an owner. All License fees are one-time fees. But you are obligated to upgrade your License to reflect your current company size and font usage respectively.

Our Licenses

Desktop License
With a Desktop License you can install the fonts on all of your devices to create printed and digital static or moving documents/files, objects, merchandise, signage, and similar things. It is permitted to use the Fonts in the creation of design works, images/animations for websites, social media posts and otherwise for your personal use. Note regarding Logo design: with a Desktop License you can convert the font to outlines to edit the outlines however you may, but you cannot include the typeface design in any trademark registration.

Web License
Using the Fonts on a website requires a Web License. With a Web License you can use the Fonts on one web domain with the @font-face CSS method. You are only allowed to use the WOFF and WOFF2 files. It’s prohibited to put online and/or link to any other file format (like Truetype or OpenType for example). It’s also prohibited to generate desktop/print fonts from files received with a web license. If the end user’s company expands at any point you are required to buy additional Licenses.

App License
With an App License, you can embed the Fonts into one app (mobile app, web app, digital point of sale system, etcetera). Embedding of the Fonts in other software or devices or in any other form requires the purchase of a Special (not specified here) or Unlimited License. Please contact us to acquire an App License.

Special License
Please contact us if you would like to use/embed the Fonts for/in a Trademark registration, Broadcasting, Film, Streaming, Presentation software, Videogame, downloadable ePubs, Video/Motion advertisements in the public domain and Online Video Advertising: motion banners, pop-up video advertising and HTML5 ads on third parties web servers, apps and websites.

Unlimited License
An Unlimited License combines the rights granted by our Desktop, Web, App and Special licenses, with no limits and no time restrictions. With an Unlimited License you pay a one-time fee and get unlimited use-rights across all media, independent of future company size or future needs, with no limits and no time restrictions (read: in perpetuity).

For Unlimited Licensing and/or for a custom quote, please contact us at