Exclusive Fonts (XCL)

XCL stands for Exclusive.
This means these typefaces are only sold once and the buyer will be the exclusive licensee of the font.

As a buyer, you become the exclusive owner of the usage rights of the APK XCL Typeface. XCL Typefaces have an Unlimited license and therefore have no restrictions in use, medium, duration or geography.

Some XCL Typefaces are finished products, but most are new or shelved type experiments and need further development.

We can offer you the basic Latin alphabet (26+26 characters, 10 numerals and a basic set of punctuation marks) for Trial purposes (otf/ttf/woff/woff2) within one week. If you’d like to buy the XCL font, we will develop the full character set. This process takes about 6 weeks from start to delivery.

XCL Typefaces have either the
Open Type Std character set (supporting 21 languages) or the
Open Type Pro character set (supporting 36 languages).

Price range
Prices of XCL Typefaces vary depending on size of character set, amount of weights and number of employees:
XCL Typeface License S, 1-50 employees
XCL Typeface License M, 50-250 employees
XCL Typeface License L, 250-500 employees
XCL Typeface License XL, >500 employees

For inquiries, pricing and/or questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at

It is always the client who is the licensee of the font. If you are an agency, studio, designer, etcetera, please note that the client/brand brand is the end user of the font(s); the client/brand must purchase the font license. The typeface is licensed only to the buyer and may not be transferred to any third party at any time. However, you can make the purchase on behalf of your client if you indicate this with the purchase.